[WWI] Best Film Ever Made?

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There is a very poignant film adaptation of Patricia Barker's WWI trilogy
entitled 'Regeneration' (aka 'Behind the Lines' to distinguish itself from a
B grade horror flick).   It takes place at Craiglochart Castle where
officers suffering from shell shock were sent.  There are 3 actual persons;
Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and psychologist W.R. Rivers and a fictional
Billy Prior.    A very understated testament to the horrors of the trench
and an incisive view of the medicine and ethos of the time.


>From Wiki and other blogs, I understand that the original UK was clipped a
bit and lost something in the reduction.  If so, I would like to see that.
Anyhow, this is my top WWI film.


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                No, two others topped it--

                Dr. Strangelove

                Oh, What a Lovely War

                (Not necessarily in that order)


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