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Andy says

> It just seems a bit like everyone's jumping on the WNW bandwagon, like
> they're the new messiah or something

To be fair, the WNW kits are *very* good, and big enough for the wow factor so necessary in some markets. I'm not surprised at all that they're flavour of the month.

In the hubbub it's easy enough to forget that there are modellers who prefer other scales. I build in both 1/72 and 1/48, and since "miniaturisation" is what amazes me in the hobby, WNW models don't really give me much of a thrill other than the academic. That said, I wish them nothing but success.

OTOH I must say that they've indirectly caused me some angst. I keep on buying the Windsock Datafiles every two months, but have ceased buying Windsock after not missing an issue since the middle of volume three. There are *plenty* of reviews and builds of WNW kits on line and in other magazines, and Windsock has so often been so loaded with nothing else recently that it's simple wasted money that I could better spend on a new Roden 1/72 Nie 24 bis. 

I really regret this. There is still some good 1:1 content, mostly esoteric and on its own, not enough to pay.

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