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I'm with you on this, Stuart.  I'm as much of a scale snob as anyone else, building strictly 1/48, but I do enjoy seeing the work of others, no matter what the scale.  I have one WNW kit that my wife bought me for Christmas last year.  She saw me gawking at the WNW Ninak on their site and decided I needed one.  I probably will build it because their is no Ninak in 1/48 scale, but I doubt that I'll get hooked and want to build another. 

Whether we know it or not, we've all benefited from WNW coming on to the WWI scene.  Several new Datafiles have been released to coincide with WNW releases, and out of print Datafiles have gone back into print.  The WNW site is probably one of the very best references I've ever seen.  Their photo gallery is amazing.  Vintage Aviator, another Peter Jackson concern, is a great source, as well. 

Sure, I'd like to see Eduard release an LVG C.VI or a Breguet 14, but I, for one, am grateful for Peter Jackson and WNW for making things a little more interesting for us. 



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LOL ! 

Several members of my local IPMS chapters have taken the plunge and   
purchased WW kits.  Only one has built his.  Being the only member who   
builds biplanes, they keep inquiring as to when I will build one.  I   
politely reply "When I have finished all my 1/72nd scale kits".  I was   
hoping the WW 'revolution' would push a more general interest in WWI   
aviation and other manufacturers would jump on board and consider 1/48   
and 1/72 for the 'economically challenged' model builders.  While I   
appreciate the AZ Model and Azurs of the world for their recent   
releases, this push hasn't seemed to materialized to as great an   
extent as I had hoped.  This being said, it's never a bad thing to   
have another source for information and location for the free exchange   
of knowledge. 

Stuart Malone 

On Aug 29, 2011, at 6:26 AM, Andy Bannister wrote: 

> Geez . Are we prostrating ourselves in front of the WNW altar now?!   
> There 
> are already plenty of mutual admiration societies, err... I mean 
> modelling forums, where members can bask in the glory of their   
> creations 
> without having one just for WNW models. If they really want to 
> acknowledge contributions to WWI modelling , how about an Eduard,   
> Airfix 
> or Aurora forum? Or maybe just a WWI forum? Oh wait, we already have 
> those! 
> Andy the cynic 
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> I am passing this along to you all.  For only being a few days old, it 
> is pretty nice. Check it out. ~Rick~ 
> I am announcing a new internet modeling forum devoted entirely to 
> Wingnut Wings. This is a privately owned and managed forum and has no 
> association with, nor is it endorsed by, Wingnut Wings, Ltd. I love   
> WWI 
> modeling and respect what Wingnut Wings has done for this segment of   
> the 
> modeling community, hence, I decided to offer a place where   
> conversation 
> and information about them could be focused. 
> I call it the "Unofficial Wingnut Wings Forum". I have structured it   
> to 
> focus on Wingnut Wings ( WnW ) activities, kits, accessories and the 
> aircraft modeled by those kits. There are also discussion boards for 
> general WWI aircraft model construction techniques, painting and 
> schemes, decals, rigging, etc. that would be of value to modeling any 
> WWI, or similar aircraft. I have also included a general WWI Aviation 
> board for discussion of people, squadrons and Jastas , historical 
> questions and discussions. 
> This forum is focused on discussions conducted in a courteous and   
> adult 
> manner. I welcome all who are interested and hope it proves to be fun 
> and informative. 
> To visit and/or register, please go to: 
> http :// wnwforum .com 
> Michael - Owner and Admin 

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