[WWI] the risks of books on airplanes

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Aug 28 13:28:18 EDT 2011

On 8/27/2011 7:34 PM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
> This is sort of off topic, however it turns out that it's one of the 
> worst troubles one can get into. Please read:
> http://boston.com/community/blogs/on_liberty/2011/08/racial_profiling_first_hand.html 
> Would someone care to have an opinion about this? Are we lead to be 
> grey and bland in fear to be picked out as suspects in the future? I 
> live far from the USA, but these things seems to spread with 
> annoyingly quickness.
> D.
He should have asked the cop where he stood on the Voss cowl color 
question, then segued to a discussion of the Nalgo.

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