[WWI] the risks of books on airplanes & Irene

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Sat Aug 27 22:53:42 EDT 2011

What Michael said.
As I am ,,, hmmm 4 miles West of him?...

Babysitting the basement in case the pumps can't keep up or power fails during a heavy rain period.
Sorting models into Staples/OfficeDepot 33250 Stor-All boxes so I can inventory and figure what goes on EBay.
(geez Louise I have a lot of models...)
And gluing and painting a few things as well.
(about time I posted a few model pix)

Guys first strike was not wanting his small bag out of reach - made a flag go up on the FA's radar.
Then she noted a airplane book - obviously a malcontent.

Seem to recall a guy headed to the IPMS show by air, gingerly lifted his model out of its carry-on box to show TSA, but they disassembled it for him as it was "hiding something" - nose weight.


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Doing OK so far. About 200k without power but more to the east of me - I am on the north-west side of DC in the Maryland suburbs. The thing is moving along just off the Delmarva peninsula. Pepco, our electricity company, has a poor maintenance record so there's a good chance we will lose power despite there being only modest winds. Quite wet out though.

I do believe that guy's story on the airplane. The reputation of TSA personnel and air hostesses for not being the sharpest tacks in the box is not entirely undeserved.
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Karen (wondering how our East Coast listees are weathering the 'big one')

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