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                My own preference has always been for the Aviprint decals
found in Eduard 1/48 kits.  They're much more subdued than most and are
quite thin.  They also take Micro-set and Micro-sol well.  One very nice
feature of the Eduard/Aviprint decals contained in their various Fokker
D.VIIs, at least in the D.VII (Fok.) [early], is that you get a full set of
decals, already cut to shape, including fuselage decals; you get a complete
set of four- and five-color lozenge, with an extra sheet of rib tapes.  The
rib tapes are too dark (for the blue) and too red (for the salmon pink), so
I just substitute Eagle Strike rib tape decals (alas, no longer available!).
You used to be able to buy the Aviprint decals directly and separately from
the Eduard website, but no more.  Eduard still uses them, but you have to
buy their kits, I guess.  I wonder if you wrote to Eduard you could buy some
sets without the kits?  That way you could have pre-cut decals for all of
those older D.VIIs that don't have decals or to substitute for those garish
Roden lozenge decals.

                Two other possibilities to consider: Microsculpt, which are
pricey but very nice, if a little too bright, and Doug Baumann's new
releases.  Doug's are a little bit of a hassle, however, since you have to
spray them with clear gloss before using them, otherwise the colors run.

                As to 1/72, I've not found decent decals lately.  The Almark
are FAR too dark and the ones in the old 1/72 Eduard Alb. D.Va are, of
course, NLA.  I'd like to know others' solutions for the 1/72 genre, since
I've got a bunch of Roden Albies and Fokkers that need lozenge.


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