[WWI] WWI List Accurate lozenge decals?

Rob Stewart rob at rob-stewart.to
Fri Aug 26 21:54:06 EDT 2011

Hi Scott.

James Fahey has done a side by side comparison of 1/32 lozenge decals etc.

You can see it here on Aeroscale.

I know Doug Baumann's decals are available in any scale.

Hope this helps.

Rob stewart.

On 8/26/2011 2:21 PM, Scott.Janney at urs.org wrote:
> I know this is subjective, but I wanted to inquire as to what the group
> considered the most accurate lozenge decal to be (navel hex and A/H
> included).  For example, I'm partial to Eagle Strike and Americal/Gryphon.
> I ask this because other than a couple of sheets of Eagle Strike 4 color
> upper and a sheet of Eagle Strike 5 color upper, I'm completely out of
> lozenge decals.  And I've got a load of future projects that are going to
> require lozenge decals.
> I get an email notice when lozenge decals come up for sale on eBay, and
> while I'll pass on the Almark or Techmod when they are offered, there are
> many others that I know nothing about.  Without actually seeing the product
> in person, it's hard to know what might be a good purchase.
> I'm very impressed with the Microsculpt lozenge decals but as I work in 72,
> that doesn't do me much good (still hoping that they will offer lozenges in
> 1/72 but, have been hoping for that for a about 4 years now?).
> Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.
> Take care
> Scott

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