[WWI] Palmer Aero Cord Tyres

Jim T sinbad8508 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 26 07:03:33 EDT 2011

I've got it and will send this morning after tea.

-- Jim Townsend

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> Mike!
> > I am trying to finish my Corel drawing of the above mentioned
> > markings to make some decals to put on scale model wheels.  Several
> > years ago in
> > some British modeling magazine there was re-printed a copy of
> > the spec sheet for this marking.
> It was printed on one of the issues of the first year of Windsock  
> magazine (1985). It was printed again on the 20th anniversary edition  
> special issue.
> I have them here, alas, I don't have a scanner to send you a copy.  
> Perhaps someone on the list have  both magazine and scanner handy? I  
> might get the magazine to work tomorrow and I'll do what I can, if  
> you're not in a hurry.
> D.
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