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I agree, Mark does most excellent work. I thought the front end of some of
David Collin’s models looked a bit bulbous.


I am working on turning 3-view drawings into a 3D model. Then we will see if
I can paint it in PhotoShop. I also have friends with access to SLA
machines. So, I may “print” one out soon.


Be good!




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It's a great work, even if I like Mark Miller's renderings better. A word of
caution, he seems to have used as source of his 3D model some innacurate
plans that show the fuselage cross section of the D.III as being rounded all
over its lenght.

That said, the 3D model you can build will be always as good as your
reference drawings are.

Now, how to turn a picture into a 3D artwork, and then to a 3 view drawing
or a thing to do in a volume printer?




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Howdy gang,


This guy does some very interesting work. I found his site while trying to
score info for my own project. His Mercedes D.III is fantastic – I wish I
could get a copy of it for my model
 Oh well.





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