[WWI] Virtual Modeling Progress

Brent orc51o at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 00:13:21 EDT 2011

Howdy Gang!


Once again I spent most of the night doing it wrong. In the last 30 minutes
it all came together. I discovered an easy way to model the wings. The
starved cow effect is in evidence again. That will be fixed. For tonight it
is nice to have the thing coming together. I will refine it later.


I am zooming the model on the screen. It is far less tiring than actually
running down the hall making “Zooom!” sounds.


Please accept my apologies for the low res pics. I didn’t pay for the high
end rendering tools. I may sneak it into work someday and do some fine


After all this I totally need to send the files to the prototype shop. What
do you think – 72nd, 48th or 32nd scale?




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