[WWI] Army & RFC connection

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Aug 23 19:44:17 EDT 2011

> Thanks for that Diego, all good ideas. Unfortunately I don't know enough
> about the man to figure out exactly what his role was or what training
> he had.

At least, do you have any clue on what he did for a living after he  
left the service? This may indicate some previous training, like he  
worked for a garage, he might have been a mechanic, if he worked as an  
electrician, he might have been one in the Army, if he he was a  
politician, he might have been... well, you get the point, right?

> The medals he's wearing in the pic are the ones that everyone who served
> in and survived WWI received postwar - the Victory Medal, the 1914-1915
> Star (only for those who served in those years of course) and the
> British Medal so no clues there I'm afraid. My grandfather received the
> same medals.

Ah, a mistery!!!!! BTW when you mentioned the old pictures being  
burnt, I recalled a story that a friend of mine told me once that a  
great aunt of him used to have this strange flowerpot... it was a  
rusty iron bowl... Years later, when he grew up, he realized that the  
old flowerpot was his great-grandfather Adrian helmet (my friend's  
surname is Labarrére) and when he died, one of his daughters took all  
the man's mementos and either threw them away of re-cycled as  
household items. The flowerpot must have rusted years ago, and nothing  
of this old French veteran mementos remain.

> Intriguing stuff though! Do let me know the name of that book if you can
> though; I'm sure it would be a good read regardless of whether it sheds
> any light on this or not.

This is the  

Maybe it's just a first approach to a serious military history piece,  
but it's interesting nevertheless.

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