[WWI] Army & RFC connection

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Aug 23 16:01:18 EDT 2011

> Was there army units that were involved in aerial work during the first
> world war, or would all air fighting be solely the domain of the RFC (or
> RNAS)? Would army personnel be 'loaned' to the RFC?

There is an interesting book about the RFC formation in the 1910s, and  
how it evolved from a subsidiary service to the Balloon Corps to a  
full fledged force in 1918. I'll send you the title later today when I  
return home.
Anyway, he can have served in a wide variety of roles, from being an  
instructor to some specialist trade, even as a memeber of the  
transportation crews or the personnel that carried all the  
administrative and/or other airfield duties.
Did he had any special skill or trade? Was he in charge of some office  
during his other assignments? Did he had training as signalman,  
dispatch rider or telephone technician? Sometimes these services were  
"loaned" from other units and people temporarily allocated to certain  
duties. However it seems like he had enough time in the Air Service to  
have its insignia sewn on the uniform, even when he did not wear the  
usual "maternity jacket" for NCOs in this picture. Have you checked  
how and why he got those medals? Maybe there's a clue there.
BTW he had a wonderful, epic moustache.

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