[WWI] Stripping Paint

oecsi at gmx.net oecsi at gmx.net
Mon Aug 22 14:56:08 EDT 2011

So you have to take the oven outside and search for some rubber gloves for cleaning. Never seen my wife doing it. There must be a better method :)


>                 I've always just used a spray of Easy-Off oven cleaner.
> I've never tried it on resin, but it takes paint off plastic without
> harming
> anything.  You have to be careful with that stuff, though.  Even if it's
> advertised as "fume-free" you need to use it OUTSIDE and with rubber
> gloves.
> Spray on a foaming coat and leave it outside on some newspaper for about
> half an hour, then wash under cold water in a sink.  Works like a charm!
>                                 Mike

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