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Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 21 20:31:34 EDT 2011

Hey Mike,
Good to see your name again! How's things? Still in Bellingham? Still
building? I've been a bit busy lately otherwise I'd have replied sooner.
My wife and I are in the process of opening a model shop here in the UK
and I'm still (unfortunately) working full time.

Anyway, I would be very interested in your MS cowl logos if you are
still able to supply. Let me know how you prefer payment.
Hope all's well.

Andy Bannister

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Hello Good People,
Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mike "modelhound" Franklin in
Bellingham, WA. USA.. Many of you my know me from the WW-1 modeling web
forums. I used to be an active member of this august body but alas it
has been a long long while since I posted here.  I call upon my long
time friend Shane Weier to vouch for my bonifides.  Shane, you do
remember me don't you?

I have a couple of things of interest to WW-1 aeromodelers available.
The first of these are  free.  Four true type font sets of the Serial
Number Fonts used on the Fokker, Albatros, Pfalz and Austro-Hungarian
aeroplanes.  You can see samples here:


There is also a copy of the poster I did explaining
the workings of the Nieuport Sesquiplane ailerons.

To get these fonts, email me at:

guitar.guitar at earthlink.net

and put 'fonts' in the subject line.  I will email to you
the four fonts as attachments.

Lastly, I have printed using my ALPS printer
Morane-Saulnier cowl logos in the three scales.
These are done in gold foil and look really good.
The 1/72 is readable with the naked eye.  To get these
email to me at the above address, and put 'logos'
in the subject.  These have a cost of $2.00 for
6 copies of any one scale, plus $1.00 postage
to the USA and $2.00 postage to the rest of the world.
When you email me I will send you the scoop on how to
order these.

These logos are just the thing to put the finishing touch
on the Special Hobby, Eduard and Revell Type N's.  Or any
other WW-1 Morane-Saulnier aeroplanhe for that matter.

Thank you for your time,

Mike Franklin

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