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Hi Brent,

I have "Die Flugzeuge der k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe & Seeflieger 1914-18."  Although it's in German you'll find better pictures of what you're looking for on page 170.  Also, starting on page 154 there's a complete listing by serial # of A/H flying boats.  If you can get a copy of this book it's a gold mine for all A/H aircraft.  Let me know if I can be of any more help with this.


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Howdy Jim, I am working on a Brandenburg, Type FB, KuK Marine numbers K200, K168-K188 & K203-K250. This is the best image I’ve found so far. It is less than illuminating. I was hoping Bob Pearson had some input since he illustrated a few of these… J Thanks, ß!   		 	   		  
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