[WWI] Morane Saulnier logos

Matt Bittner matt.bittner at cox.net
Mon Aug 15 14:18:35 EDT 2011

What he said!!


On 8/15/2011 12:55 PM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
> Listees!
> A few days ago, our list mate Mike Franklin advertised:
>> I have printed using my ALPS printer
>> Morane-Saulnier cowl logos in the three scales.
>> These logos are just the thing to put the finishing touch
>> on the Special Hobby, Eduard and Revell Type N's.  Or any
>> other WW-1 Morane-Saulnier aeroplanhe for that matter.
>> These are done in gold foil and look really good.
>> The 1/72 is readable with the naked eye.  To get these
>> email to me at the above address, and put 'logos'
>> in the subject.  These have a cost of $2.00 for
>> 6 copies of any one scale, plus $1.00 postage
>> to the USA and $2.00 postage to the rest of the world.
>> When you email me I will send you the scoop on how to
>> order these.
>> To get these logos, email me at:
>> guitar.guitar at earthlink.net
> I received my logos today, and while they're sort of "limited run" 
> decals and need some special treatment to apply them to models, I 
> strongly URGE you to get them. Not only because they are as good as 
> described above, but also because they're sorely needed in any Morane 
> Saulnier model you have (they're printed in gold/brass and there's no 
> better way to reproduce those badges on scale) but also because you 
> will help fund a worthy project for Mike.
> Get those logos! Be the first on your block to have a realistically 
> finished Morane Saulnier cowl in scale!
> D.

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