[WWI] Morane Saulnier logos

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Aug 15 13:55:24 EDT 2011

A few days ago, our list mate Mike Franklin advertised:
> I have printed using my ALPS printer
> Morane-Saulnier cowl logos in the three scales.
> These logos are just the thing to put the finishing touch
> on the Special Hobby, Eduard and Revell Type N's.  Or any
> other WW-1 Morane-Saulnier aeroplanhe for that matter.
> These are done in gold foil and look really good.
> The 1/72 is readable with the naked eye.  To get these
> email to me at the above address, and put 'logos'
> in the subject.  These have a cost of $2.00 for
> 6 copies of any one scale, plus $1.00 postage
> to the USA and $2.00 postage to the rest of the world.
> When you email me I will send you the scoop on how to
> order these.
>To get these logos, email me at:
> guitar.guitar at earthlink.net

I received my logos today, and while they're sort of "limited run" decals 
and need some special treatment to apply them to models, I strongly URGE you 
to get them. Not only because they are as good as described above, but also 
because they're sorely needed in any Morane Saulnier model you have (they're 
printed in gold/brass and there's no better way to reproduce those badges on 
scale) but also because you will help fund a worthy project for Mike.
Get those logos! Be the first on your block to have a realistically finished 
Morane Saulnier cowl in scale!

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