[WWI] Gotha

Robert Karr karrart at karrart.com
Sat Aug 13 23:08:44 EDT 2011

Early mid-60s.......A friend had gone to a distant "shopping center" 
(pre-mall!).If you're 11 years old, everyplace is distant. Anyway, the toy 
store there had a great model selection and my buddy had reported back that 
they had a couple of Aurora Gothas. I begged and pleaded so the family 
hopped in the car and we went down here. The nice lady who worked there said 
that they had indeed had a couple in stock but that they had sold earlier in 
the day. I wanted to cry....BUT the nice store lady pronounced it "goat hah" 
with just a very slight hint, almost imperceptible, of a very soft "th" 
sound. That stuck with me.
RK.....Pups aborning.....
I hate this thing:

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