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I spite of my friend I'm afraid I still tend to pronounce it "Gaw-thaa"  I also still say "Spandoo" instead of "Schpandow".  My great uncle used to say "Fow-ker" (rhymes with row, as in row-row-row your boat)  I believe he picked it up from several American WW1 pilots he knew.  

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  That is the way I have been pronouncing it since a friend told me that was the way to pronounce. That was back in the mid 1960's. I am glad I have doing it right all of these years. What made me bring the question up as over all these years I have never heard anyone else pronounce it that way.

  So, Thank You Brad


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    I have a German friend who pronounces it "  Goat-ha". 
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  Over the years I have heard number of diffrent    pronunciations of the name Gotha. What is the correct    pronunciation. 
  Could someone spell it out phonetically for    me. 

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