[WWI] Omaha Nats

Stuart Malone smalone at kc.rr.com
Sat Aug 13 08:09:38 EDT 2011

I was quite pleased with the amount of WWI aircraft kits at Omaha.  I  
picked up two Azur Nieuport 29s (one for a friend) and a couple of AZ  
Model Breguet 14s from the vendor who came all the way from Paris,  
France.  Jeff Garrity of rare-plane detective had a handful of  
Aeroclub engines (cantone-unne radials), cylinder head exhaust combos  
for the RE8 and BE2, and some resin Roseplane conversion fuselages for  
various Nieuports.  He also had stacks of Revell kits, some boxings I  
have never seen in person, along with an assortment of Pegasus and  
Merlin kits.  Eduard had all of their current stuff, and plenty of  
it!  MPM was also in attendance and I did spot one sole Special  
Hobbies Lloyd C.V in their stacks.  One vendor of previously owned  
kits had the MAC Pfalz D.III and the Roland D.VIb priced too good to  
pass up.  Byrd Aviation had a smattering of Windsock datafiles on the  
cheap, and several vendors had Profile Publications for a pittance.   
And yes, Roll Models had a great number of resin kits to ogle!

Oh, and Matt, BANG UP JOB to you and the rest of Fort Crook!  I know  
all the guys from KC had a great time!

Stuart Malone

On Aug 12, 2011, at 11:46 AM, Rev Zoom wrote:

> I have a gut feeling it will be the D VII.  As far as the Nats, Roll  
> Models had a big display but beyond that, there was little WWI.  Far  
> too much modern as far as I was concerned.  I mean, who can love a  
> jet?
> Oh, the Michael Fritz Award DH 9a was truly a work of art.  The  
> cockpit and gunner positions were the best I've seen.
> Kevin
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> There's an interesting little bit on Hyperscale this morning.  It's  
> sort of a teaser for the next WNW release.  Seems one of their next  
> releases will be sold at the show in NZ on the 21st.  Speculation  
> anyone?
> Gabe

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