[WWI] New OT Hat kits

Thomas Young maiesm72 at att.net
Fri Aug 12 18:05:42 EDT 2011

Picked up new WWI kits from Hat at Berkeley Ace Hardware. Could only afford the first four of seven:
Austrian Artillery Crew
Russian Artillery Crew
10 cm Feldhaubitze M.14
Putilov 76 mm M1902 Gun
The figures are still that horrible soft plastic with four sets of the same eight high quality poses. New addition is a selection of accessories. The Austrian set has artillery shells, ammo boxes, rolls of barbed wire, shovels, empty shells and bundled shells. The Russian set has The same but the barbed wire rolls are replaced with crude wood flooring sections. Price for the figure sets is $7.50.
The artillery pieces are somewhat simplified sets of five pieces, but they are (hooray!) regular injection molded plastic with four sets per box at $11.00. 
I'll post the others when I get them unless somebody beats me to it.
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