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Rob Stewart rob at rob-stewart.to
Fri Aug 12 15:49:33 EDT 2011

I don't know about that one Kevin.

For the D.VII they'd have to have loads of 4-colour loz in the works, 
and sheets of decal options, like they have with the Alb and the Pfalz.


I'm going for a boomer, the DH2 or the FEE.

Hopefully the FEE.  gives me a chance to save up for one!

Although I already have 3.5 WNW kits waiting for me, and an eye on the 

Rob Stewart.

On 8/12/2011 9:46 AM, Rev Zoom wrote:
> I have a gut feeling it will be the D VII. As far as the Nats, Roll
> Models had a big display but beyond that, there was little WWI. Far too
> much modern as far as I was concerned. I mean, who can love a jet?
> Oh, the Michael Fritz Award DH 9a was truly a work of art. The cockpit
> and gunner positions were the best I've seen.
> Kevin
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> There's an interesting little bit on Hyperscale this morning. It's sort
> of a teaser for the next WNW release. Seems one of their next releases
> will be sold at the show in NZ on the 21st. Speculation anyone?
> Gabe

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