[WWI] Hyperscale and WNW

Rev Zoom winks147 at cox.net
Fri Aug 12 12:46:16 EDT 2011

I have a gut feeling it will be the D VII.  As far as the Nats, Roll Models 
had a big display but beyond that, there was little WWI.  Far too much 
modern as far as I was concerned.  I mean, who can love a jet?

Oh, the Michael Fritz Award DH 9a was truly a work of art.  The cockpit and 
gunner positions were the best I've seen.


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There's an interesting little bit on Hyperscale this morning.  It's sort of 
a teaser for the next WNW release.  Seems one of their next releases will be 
sold at the show in NZ on the 21st.  Speculation anyone?



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