[WWI] Ever Find a Nice Surprise in the Stash? Warning ot content.

dr-i.417.17 at cox.net dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Wed Aug 10 11:29:25 EDT 2011

Wow, my stash has grown and shrunk and grown and shrunk so many times that I have trouble even remembering if something is in the current stash.

Like the last time I dropped nearly $70 at a LHS, (he needed the income) on a (sorry) KC-135,  I totally forgot I had one!  AND I worked on the real things for 11 years.

I currently have the opposite problem.  I HAD a box with both a SMER 1:50/48 Ansaldo and an AVRO 504 kit in it.  For the love of searching my little >300 current stash I cannot find that box to save my life.

Well the old computer is now moved adjacent to the stash and as soon as I figgure out how to get pictures into  an EXCEL speadsheet I'll be re-inventorying.


Again sorry for the ot.

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