[WWI] A Find in the Stash

Thomas Young maiesm72 at att.net
Tue Aug 9 18:34:39 EDT 2011

Not a happy find, just a surprising one.
Back when I lived in Pt.Reyes Station I had a visitor who enjoyed going through the stash with me. I had built a stash room in the garage with a locking door for the five hundred or so kits. I opened a very rare EDH C-46 to find a lid, and I don't mean a box lid. Several years before, when we lived in Sausalito, we occasionally had a roommate. One of them must have stashed her stash and had forgotten about it.
I did have a wonderful surprise once when I bought a collection. In each box I found a few parts from an Aurora Cheyenne helicopter. After the boxes were emptied I had a complete kit including decal and instructions but no box. One of my friends on line sent me a box and viola!, one complete rare kit. Kind of a kit of a kit.
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