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Honestly, Mike, I'm sure you're more knowledgeable about German aircraft than I am.  Perhaps you could pose your question on the Great War in the Air Forum in the Aircraft section and the Models section.  You'll get a quick answer, I'm sure. 

BTW, I was always under the impression that Fokker streaking was more of an olive green/brown over CDL .  All accounts I've ever read on how it was applied indicate that plain varnished linen had a greenish brown dope applied to it with a loaded brush until the paint ran out, then the brush was loaded and the streaking began again.  



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                I'm about to start on Hans Schultz's early D.VII and need some advice on the lozenge.  Fokker Anthology I doesn't specify which one to use, saying only "four- or five-color lozenge" but I SEEM to remember that early Fokkers used five-color and later Alb and OAW Fokkers used four-color.  Opinions for Schultz's machine?  Per usual, TIA. 

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