[WWI] Added:Karaya's 1/48 Nieuport 25

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Bud, The Hi-tech Salamander is certainly very buildable (Have a look at Paul Thompson's excellent build in the Gallery) And it is I am sure, the only game in town in '48. The problem is vague mating surfaces, and an engine that is just the same diameter as the cowl it is supposed to fit in. You also have to build the armoured cockpit walls, because there's nowt in the kit for representing that important feature of the aircraft. But what a beautiful resin engine. I'm trying to make a new master for a plunge moulded cowl using a bit of wooden dowl and a powertool. Still got all my fingers, too! Like most ltd run multimedia kits it makes you work for a result. That's fair enough. After this I am going to choose a nice Eduard or Karaya kit, or maybe a Roden, something comparatively 'shake and bake' in comparison. By the way, i hope there was no blood shed when you departed from the 'drome, at least, none of yours.                        Cheers,                                 Nick.        
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Thanks, Nick.  Based on your recommendation, I got the Salamander kit and it doesn't look as fierce as everyone says it is, just sitting on it's sprues.  Maybe when it's released it becomes dangerous.  Hope not.
I'll send you an email outlining my departure from the 'drome.  All for the best, I assure you.

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Bud, Fabulous Nieuport. I love the Karaya kits , to be honest they should get some of your pictures on their website and that would be a great sales pitch for them, such is the quality of the models you get from them. Unfortunately for me, I have the Hi-tech kit of the Nieuport, but my guess is it will be every bit as much of a pitched battle as I have found the Hi-Tech Sopwith Salamander kit to be. An engine that appears to be a larger diameter than the cowl it's supposed to fit in? Aye Chihuahua!!!! That Nieuport is a gorgeous model. I really look forward to seeing your SSW D.IV. The decals for the markings and Loz are, I think, simply top drawer in the Koster kits.   As for missing out on the progress of the D.III build, you didn't as I never followed up with the progress reports, due to a complete digital camera accidental disassembly! Only recently replaced it. 
       Bud, I'm curious, What did you do to get banned from the 'drome? Was it anything political? Whatever it was it's the 'Dromes loss, cause now we got all your 'Kung Fu' here. 
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> Bud Pearson sent in photos of his
> Karaya's 1/48 Nieuport 25,
> See http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/PearsonBud/Allied/index.html#Nie25
> or see news.
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