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Thanks, Nick.  Based on your recommendation, I got the Salamander kit and it doesn't look as fierce as everyone says it is, just sitting on it's sprues .  Maybe when it's released it becomes dangerous.  Hope not. 

I'll send you an email outlining my departure from the 'drome .  All for the best, I assure you. 



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Bud, Fabulous Nieuport . I love the Karaya kits , to be honest they should get some of your pictures on their website and that would be a great sales pitch for them, such is the quality of the models you get from them. Unfortunately for me, I have the Hi-tech kit of the Nieuport , but my guess is it will be every bit as much of a pitched battle as I have found the Hi-Tech Sopwith Salamander kit to be. An engine that appears to be a larger diameter than the cowl it's supposed to fit in? Aye Chihuahua!!!! That Nieuport is a gorgeous model. I really look forward to seeing your SSW D.IV. The decals for the markings and Loz are, I think, simply top drawer in the Koster kits.   As for missing out on the progress of the D.III build, you didn't as I never followed up with the progress reports, due to a complete digital camera accidental disassembly ! Only recently replaced it.  
       Bud, I'm curious, What did you do to get banned from the 'drome ? Was it anything political? Whatever it was it's the 'Dromes loss, cause now we got all your 'Kung Fu' here. 
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> Bud Pearson sent in photos of his 
> Karaya's 1/48 Nieuport 25, 
> See http :// www . wwi -models.org/Images/ PearsonBud /Allied/index. html #Nie25 
> or see news. 
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