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Tim, the Halbie is a beauty. I know what you mean about struggling with photography, I have similar problems with my own submissions but I would rather see the pictures you've got than no pics at all. Just that more would have been cool! I think it may be a re-sizing problem you have and my pooter seems to insist I go a different way about acheiving that every time. It is frustrating, or maybe Im just stoopid. Probly the latter.                                                                                Cheers,                                                 Nick.                               
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Thank you for all the kind comments.   
The overall fuselage was painted model master medium green (rattle can).  Then I used a rough sponge to apply thin coats of varying colors overlapping them till I was satisfied.  To the best of my knowledge the colors are:  Model master middle stone, Model master PRU blue, Model master 70% Dunkelblau 30% black for the dark blue, Model master medium green, and finally a mix of 45% Napoleonic Violet  45% chestnut brown and 10% guards red for the purple color.  I tried to match the colors in the lozenge decals. The overall finish is a little rough for the 1/48th scale.  I do not recall any hitches with the build. The fit was excellent.  I had to hand paint the red flame due to decal failure.  Sorry for the poor quality photo's.  It has been a real struggle to post this build. I don't know how I managed to load these two pics when several others wouldn't.  I do not have a high quality camera and cannot
 get very close details.  I have many other builds I would like to post and will keep trying and improving my photography.     Tim 		 	   		  
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