[WWI] Sale of 1/72 kits

Don Ralston don.ralston at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 14:25:35 EDT 2011

I am selling off my 1/72 kits as I shall not get around to doing these ( still got a load of 1/48 to do).
These are approximately half price and include postage to Europe and USA. Prices are in sterling, but US dollars and Euros accepted (preferably cash rounded down to nearest note. Contact me offline if you are interested.

Don Ralston

Fairey F17 Campania  (72007)                                          £18
Blackburn Blackbird (late) (72011)                                   £18

Gotha GIV (Ro11)                                                              £12
Felixtow F2A (with upper wing turret (Ro47)                  £15
Zeppelin Staaken RVI  (Ro55)                                            £50

Handley Page 0/400                                                          ££12

Glencoe Models
Martin MB2 Bomber (05001)                                            £12

Ilya Muramets                                                                    £12
Westland PV-1 Wessex                                                      £12

Novo (Frog)?
Vickers Vimy                                                                        £12 

Choroszy Modelbud  
Friedrchshaffen GIIIA  (C03)                                               £20
Hansa Brandenburg GI (C10)                                              £20
Gotha Ursinus GI (C15)                                                       £20

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