[WWI] Albatros C.III 766/16 Bohme/Lademacher

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Well I'm going with "Smaug light gold" based on the Hobbiton Methuen chart from New Zealand.  And tsk, tsk Diego for cutting short the quotation from Boehme's letter to his girlfriend.  Just when it was getting interesting.


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> Jim!
> > Thanks for the prompt reply Diego-
> No worries! All my replies are brisk ;-)
> > I am reading in part to seek an answer to the question, and in part in 
> > service to my manifest insanity.
> There's no greater deed than service your own insanity.
> > I'm hoping to find a note saying something like "Our Jasta artist did some 
> > very good work  etc etc. "
> What if you find something like "Our idiot jasta artist painted me some 
> hideous things in my airplane. All I wanted was a shrubbery, not too big."
> > It may or may not be correct to use a light shade of green. Your 
> > suggestion regarding visibility isa the best I've seen so far.
> They had a "pea green" for camouflage purposes, and if they mixed it with 
> white, you could get a very light hue of green... but why all the hassle of 
> painting a very pale green dragon?
> > Where is the border between due diligence and OCD??.
> We left it 3 Km back, when we drove past those barriers and ran over the 
> border patrol cars. Can't you recall that? the gunshots? The huge explosion? 
> Sheesh.
> D. 
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