[WWI] Albatros C.III 766/16 Bohme/Lademacher

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Aug 3 12:49:22 EDT 2011

> Thanks for the prompt reply Diego-

No worries! All my replies are brisk ;-)

> I am reading in part to seek an answer to the question, and in part in 
> service to my manifest insanity.

There's no greater deed than service your own insanity.

> I'm hoping to find a note saying something like "Our Jasta artist did some 
> very good work  etc etc. "

What if you find something like "Our idiot jasta artist painted me some 
hideous things in my airplane. All I wanted was a shrubbery, not too big."

> It may or may not be correct to use a light shade of green. Your 
> suggestion regarding visibility isa the best I've seen so far.

They had a "pea green" for camouflage purposes, and if they mixed it with 
white, you could get a very light hue of green... but why all the hassle of 
painting a very pale green dragon?

> Where is the border between due diligence and OCD??.

We left it 3 Km back, when we drove past those barriers and ran over the 
border patrol cars. Can't you recall that? the gunshots? The huge explosion? 

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