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I've wondered this very same thing myself Jim. In the picture of the two
of them standing by 766/16 on page 5 of the datafile (same pic you sent,
but the reproduction is better in the datafile) the dragon appears to be
a darker shade than the white background of the cross; this is
especially apparent in the section above Böhme's right arm­. Even taking
into account the variation between factory & field applied paint, the
dragon does not look like black & white to me. 
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I have three photos of this well known Albatros. I also have the
Datafile that emphatically describes the "Dragodiles" as being rendered
in black and white. Every model or drawing I have seen accepts this
description, and it may well be correct. I am now reading the orignal
German version of the collection of letters Bohme wrote to his
sweetheart during the war. So far it has been fascinating, but I have
not yet found anything to confirm or alter the "B/W Dragodile" theory.

I ask because every other dragon or crocodile I have ever seen or seen
depicted, have been green or  shades of yellow green. (To be sure there
have been some black and red dragons, but those are certainly another
species entirely.)

The artist who rendered the Dragodiles for Bohme and Lademacher was very
talented. It seems at least possible, if not likely that he would have
used a shade of green or green yellow, if those colors were available.
Since green was a common color for camo, it does seem probably that it
was available.

Is there any evidence, apart from the 3 photos,  that bears on the
Dragodile colors?

Did Boeke describe them? How do we know that they were black and white?

-- Jim Townsend

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