[WWI] Added:Roland C.IIa

Scott.Janney at urs.org Scott.Janney at urs.org
Wed Aug 3 09:44:52 EDT 2011

Thanks to all for your observations on my Roland C.IIa submission, I was
most appreciative and humbled by all of your positive comments.  Coming
from this group, that's a real honor.
I tried to correct most of the kits faults but, had no answer for the
incorrect wing mounting points (too far forward if I remember correctly).
Also, would have liked to come up with a better solution for the bulky
clear window pieces but, all solutions seemed to breed new problems so just
went with the parts as provided.  But, for the most part, it was an
enjoyable build and I'm fairly pleased with the finished product.

Again, Thanks to all.

Take care

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