[WWI] Coanda final stages

Thomas Young maiesm72 at att.net
Wed Aug 3 01:38:55 EDT 2011

All that is left to do is the top wing and a few odds and ends.
Added a cap and fuel line to the gas tank. The dark brown with tan streaking on everything but the Coanda Air Reactive Unit turned out very nice. Dark brown only on the CARU with no streaking. Everything is glossy, using Super Gloss for a change instead of Future.
Modified the landing gear to fit the wire wheels. Made the prominent landing gear shock absorbers on the top of the bottom wing from rod and pieces of shaped styrene. The resin parts in the kit looked nothing like the real thing, besides, I lost one. The instructions state that there were four supports per shock absorber, then provides pre-cut wire for only four pieces. I used eight pieces of brass wire
Opening up the twenty slots on the leading edges turned out to be a full time job! I should have cut away the area and replaced it with a scratchbuilt strip. In opening up the slots the one problem I have with resin crept up: hidden bubbles! Not very many, but enough to make one just a bit crazy.
Last efforts shall be painting the upper wing, replace the back part of the wing-warping wheels with cranks and attach the, attach the very unusual struts, cob the whole thing together with the help of Leggo blocks and paint and install the tiny rudders. Last thing shall be attaching the wheels, front skid and tail skid. The only rigging consists of a single steel wire from the outside of the cockpit to the underside of each wing, these being the control wire for wing-warping. 
This was a challenging and really quite attractive kit. If the other kits from IRMA are this nice I'll have to pick up all of them.
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