[WWI] Another German tent

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Aug 2 07:34:28 EDT 2011


Here's a rare view of an viation tent with the front "flap" partially 
closed, seldom seen when pictures were taken on airfileds that show the 
airplanes getting ready for flight. Note also that inside thetnte, there is 
a small table with some tall beer mugs (there's one NCO, second from right, 
who's holding one in his hand), and the soldiers in the foreground also seem 
to have enjoyed a good amount of refreshments.
It's to note the different clothing, including one of the old "blue" variety 
of German pre war uniform tunics (there's one with a double row of buttons, 
wonder if it's naval or just a truck driver), tall jackboots (pre war 
style?), putees, leather leggings, pant legs tucked in socks, straight 
cuffed pants..., different shapes and styles of peaked caps... there's 
little uniformity here! The dapper NCO "referee" contrasts with the loose 
dude who has unbuttoned tunic and no putees.
The chubbies wrestling (?) remind me of the guy who fights Indiana Jones in 
the Tanis aerodrome scene...

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