[WWI] No interest in the new Dreadnought?

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The book, 'The Battleship Dreadnought - Anatomy of the Ship' has what you seek.
I have it but am away from home and so cannot access the rigging diagrams.  

I have the kit on pre-order and so haven't seen it yet.  What configuration is it ?  Off top of my head, I think there is the original, a pre-war refit, then a war-time refit (or two).  That makes a difference in rigging.

John Ratzenberger

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I got my Dreadnought today. Looks very nice, but there are a few things.

There's a few small sinkmarks that might be quite irritating to fill, since they are close to the hull detail.
And there's no rigging diagram. I hate this, and Zvezda isn't exactly alone on doing this. Why can't they put together something basic at least? I have no idea what the cables, threads and antennas do or where they go. I'm interested in ships because how they look as models, not on how the original worked.


2011/7/28 J.R. Boye <hopeandmercy at hotmail.com>

      I jump on the keys like Archie the cockroach.

       Not really. Being 1/350 it takes the whole crew to drop a key. This message took 30 minutes to type.

      Thanks, Andy...

                                        J.R. Boye

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   J.R. Boye wrote: 

     It's 1/350, correct?
     That's my scale.

    Really? You must be quite small. How do you manage to reach the keyboard...?? ;-)




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