[WWI] Sopwith Pup 1/72 Airfix

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Aug 1 08:41:09 EDT 2011

Waiting for the decals on other project to settle, I have turned once again 
to my Airfix Pup.
I reached out in the stash for my other old, unfinished Pup, which I sanded 
almost to oblivion many moons ago. I think I have mentioned here that being 
inside a polythene bag, the gray plastic had yellowed and became brittle. 
Well, it was too fragile to handle and unfortunately I had to put most of 
the kit in the garbage bin, except for the wheels, machine gun and 
propeller, the rest so badly affected by the "brittles" that they crumbled 
as I handled it, including the nice pilot figure and the petite engine. I 
can't say why some small parts like the propeller was less affected by this 
On the other hand, I kept making experiments on the "starved cow" wings of 
the other Airfix Pup: I sprayed the wings with several coats of primer over 
the over prominent ribs. This has softened the detail somewhat... wonder if 
they would make the parts more like the real covering of the structure. I 
guess I'll have to refine a little the trailing edges as I go adding 
thickness to the entire upper wing surface. I have masked the inspection 
windows and painted the underside as CDL so they could be seen across the 
transparent CA glue details, that have a small slice of stretched sprue 
representing the inner pulley. They look reasonably well...

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