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Thanks Erwin,  It sounded interesting at first look on the web site and now, 
with your review, I think that I will place it on my "to get" list.


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Just got an e-mail from jadar Hobbies in Poland, looks like Radek from karaya is 
up to more than making the best 1/48 scale , here is a book they just came out 
with about the Junkers D.1  Anyone see this yet? is it Datafile quality?

I've bought it from Radek at the Lier show here in Belgium. Written by Seweryn 
Fleischer, the text is in English, with what seems a Polish synopsis on the last 
few pages. Captions are bilingual Poish/English. The text is in, for this 
non-native English speaker very understandable and clear. 
Contains 40 pages and sells for a reasonable 15 €.
High gloss cover with first rate printing on quality paper. In fact the photo's 
are some of the best printed WW1 photo's I have ever seen. 

Most of the volume goes to the development of the Junkers metal planes from the 
J.1 all the way to the J.9 (D.I). As I'm not that familiar with the type I can't 
vouch for the accuracy but it seems well informed. 
It hints at moment to the collaboration with Anthony Fokker not always being 
what it supposed to be for instance and the diverse reactions of the famous 
pilots in the type during the Fighter competitions.

The second largest part of the text goes in to the several camouflage patterns 
and the colours used. 
The part on the frontline use is very small, but that is only to be expected. 

The photo's are, as said of high quality and includes many I haven't seen before 
(but then again, I'm not that familiar with the type.) Drawings are top-notch 
and plenty in 1/72 and 1/48. All variants an precursors of the D.I are present. 
And finishes of with a number of nice profiles

The format and set-up follow the test and tried Datafile format, but it has more 
drawings, but that can be attributed to all the prototypes going from the J.1 to 
the J.9. It has also a more luxurious feel, courtesy to the first class paper 
and a more modern lay-out. Also it has a more book feel in contrast to the more 
magazine feel of the Datafile (which in fact they really are). All in all the 
book is more of a cross-over between the Datafiles and the well known Kagero 
'Legends of Aviation' series (e.g. on the SE.5a). 

BTW the front-cover painting is also done by the writer and he does also the 
Karaya's box-art paintings.
The drawing are by Jacek Jackiewicz, with the scales given in feet and metres, 
but have no extra captions.

All in all, I would surely (don't call me Shirley) recommend it to all 
interested in the type or building the Roden kit. Especially give the price. 

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