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Scalehobbiest has them for $22.79, but they also have the Eduard WE edition for $14.99.  Check out the article in Britmodeller (scroll down) and compare it to the Eduard product card and you will see they are identical.  Revell also shows it in " Stropp " markings in many adds.  Kinda cheeky and irritating.  Wonder how they're going to do with this? 

http :// www . scalehobbyist .com/manufacturers/ Revell _of_Germany/Model_Aircraft/RMG00004684/product. php ?man= rmg 

http :// www . britmodeller .com/forums/index. php ? showtopic =54398 

http :// www . eduard . cz /products/card. php ?id_product=6719&name=& catalogue _ nb =&type=4& pgroup =1&scale=3&product_month=&product_year=&page_start=0 


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I saw one at a contest in in October.  $30 was to steep for me. 
I was told by the vendor that was the MSRP . 

I luckily have enough in the stash. 

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