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Agreed. Now if youd like to e-mail Dave a set of drawings with the interior of the UFAG C.I included I would love to see those, as well. 
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Knut Eric,
Thank you for your 'mistake'.  Pictures duly saved for future  
reference.  Please feel free to continue your email errors in the  
Stuart Malone

On Nov 27, 2010, at 2:02 PM, Knut Erik Hagen wrote: > Hei, > > They drawings were intended just for Dave, a mistake on my side not to > change the address from list to single person. > We try to keep the number of attachments on this list to a minimum, > just doing it when a picture says more than a thousand words. > > When I tried to send them directly to Dave a minute later did the > message bounce because it was too large! > > > Eders > Knut Erik > > > 2010/11/27 Helen and Chris : >> Knut Eric, >> >> I expect Dave will be over the moon with these drawings. As will >> many >> listees - me included. >> >> Thank you very much for posting them. >> >> Chris. >> >> Hei, >> >> Sorting through some old Emails did I find this one. >> There is an 1:72 kits mainly in etched brass being prepared by >> Aircraft in Miniature: >> http://www.aim72.co.uk/page6.html >> >> I have provided him with a CD containing pictures of restored >> Longhorns and contemporary drawings, >> here are some of the drawings in case they could be of use to you. >> >> >> 2010/8/26 Dave Vosburgh : >>> Still hacking away at the Snipe and idly giving thought to future >>> projects... after reading Wind In the Wires I was really taken >>> with DG-M's >>> descriptions of his days flying the Farman, and have been giving >>> thought >>> to >>> scratchbuilding a Longhorn in 1:48 (of course I've been out of the >>> field >>> for >>> a few years, nobody's got a kit of one, do they? If so it must be >>> mostly >>> Struts) which would be a good excuse to try out my new home-made >>> vacuform >>> device. >>> >>> I've tried looking to see if there was a Datafile, but results >>> have been >>> inconclusive. Does anyone know of a source of good (Stair/Woodman- >>> class) >>> drawings? I've got a few period GA drawings but nothing you could >>> really >>> work from. >>> >>> Just curious. > 		 	   		  
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