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Wed Nov 24 20:11:50 EST 2010

I completly agree. I picked up his Pup sheet and Albatross DV sheet (the one
with bluediamonds) at Telford and i am very impressed.

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 12:50 AM, Helen and Chris <2kermavio at orange.fr>wrote:

>  Today my decals arrived from Pheon.  And my Cup of Happiness isn't just
> overflowing; it's flooding the bloody place.
> Some claim that Rowan's stuff is expensive.  If you take it as simply a
> decal sheet, you may, just, have a point.  But if you look at what you get
> for your money, it's bloody good value.
> My sheet, for a Pup, comes with enough stuff to build 10 (ten -TEN)
> different aircraft.  That works out at way less than 2€, £ or $ per model.
> And then there is the research factor.  A booklet is provided which gives
> you information about the pilot(s) and where the aircraft was stationed.
> And then there are colour prints in profile and from overhead.  With the
> arguable options.  These, in time, will find themselves covered in glass,
> surrounded by wood and shoved up on my wall. Cheaper pictures I've never
> had!
> Chris.
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