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Helen and Chris 2kermavio at orange.fr
Wed Nov 24 13:20:30 EST 2010

Mike wrote: 

Yes, Diego, butt-ugly!  And what's this British fascination with pusher propellers?  On a tractor-engined airframe?  Yeah, I know--it's pre-synchronization.  But as I looked at it I almost wondered why it didn't have two "pulpits" for MGs on the upper wings!  Yeah, again--not big enough, but when did that stop British engineers?

Desired response achieved, Mike!

There's a lot worse looking stuff than the poor old M&G.  And you're being a bit unfair.

Firstly, Mann wasn't.  He was but a boy of 17 when he designed the prototype in 1914.

When the idea of shoving a couple of machine guns onto a flying machine hadn't been thought of.

And it was bearly more than ten years since a pusher with a single engine, but driving two props, staggered into the air for the first time.

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