[WWI] O/T Favorites (Not)

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At least the Mann & Grimmer M1 wasn't painted PC10/12, but it still had those eye straining, finger-steadiness testing, annoying to model double wires! What was up with the British and those bloody double wires? And why isn't anyone building anything???? (Holidays to me means time to build!)

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> I like all OT aircraft, with the possible exception of the Nie 28 which certainly looks like it would have been better aborted before production.

Are you speaking aesthetically or about its engineering faults?
If speaking about the looks, I find utterly disconcerting that you consider the Nieuport 28 abhorrent while tacitly defending such designs as the ill proportioned Blackburn Kangaroo (the ANZAC must have been aggraviated for this) and the Mann-Grimmer M.1, whose "beautiful" lines I attach here.

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