[WWI] O/T Favorites (Not)

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Mon Nov 22 04:17:46 EST 2010

My least favourite is probably the SPAD XIII (sorry Neil!). Compared to the
VII, which looks like a zippy little sports car, the XIII just looks like
a lumbering delivery truck with an eating disorder. I'm always amazed that
whenever a new SPAD kit comes out it is invariably a XIII instead of the
VII, though at least we have good ol' Roden to address the imbalance in

Gotta agree with Chris too though - the DH6 is one homely beast....


On 22 November 2010 08:50, Crawford Neil <Neil.Crawford at volvo.com> wrote:

>  I think the Fokker DrI is OK, no more than that. Helen&Chis are all wrong
> about the DH6,
> it's so ugly it's beautiful, it transcends ugly.
> I can't decide on my un-favorite yet.
> /Neil
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