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Diego came up with the calculation.  I'll figure the rest out. The rest of you can rest easy, the math test isn't till next week.


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1) First things first: convert measurements to metric. It's easier!
So you want to convert  mm to mm
2) Divide 63.5 /77.7875 = 0.81632 that means that the smaller measurement is 81, 632 % smaller thatn the larger measurement.
3) Go to the nearest Kinko's and ask to the prettiest of the clerks (if that's a girl, much better) to reduce your drawing to 81, 632 %
4) The clerk will explain you that reduction percentages on copying machines can't accept decimals, so you should decide wether you want 81% or 82%
5) The clerk will reduce your drawing to whatever percentage she/he decides.
6) You'd bring the reduced drawing home, measure it, become dissapointed and carry on with your life.
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This has probably come up before, maybe I asked it and forgot the answer. But does anyone have the formula for calculating percentage on a drawing? Say I have a drawing that I don't know the scale of. The fuselage in the drawing is 3 1/16 inches long and I need to take it to a copier and shoot it down to 2 1/2  inches.
Thanks. Keeping my brain from freezing from thinking


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