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Yep, he was a true gentleman. I really am looking forward to the kits that that his company will produce as well. The built Aviatik C.I he had there was truly a sight to behold. Having kids, I can agree that if you really want to whack 'em proper, then real wood is indeed the best material.

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We met Peter Plattner at Telford last time, and maybe the time before too. He's ever
such a nice guy, and a terrific modeller. We were both in agreement that real wood is 
the best. 

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Some of you may be interested in hearing about some KUK Lufahrtruppe resin 1/48 figures I picked up at Telford. While talking to Wolfgang Meindl, a top geezer,  who was with the I.P.M.S. Austria contingent, I mentioned how much I have always admired Peter Plattner's models of KUK subjects (in the gallery) Wolfgang then said, ''That's nice, he's over there, let's go and say hi'' It turns out that Peter was manning his own pitch at Telford at which he was selling among other things, boxes of resin KUK pilot figures. I got a box of three standing pilot figures, excellent sculpts and castings, for about £11.50. That is bloody good value for resin figures, and to have KUK pilot figs for all those lovely Eduard Albatros Oef's is great, yes? He had a fantastic model of an Aviatik C.I two seater there, that's the two seat version of the A/H aviatik fighter, and Peter mentioned that his company, Wiener Modellbau Manufactur - www.wmm.at - is going to be producing a new resin and vac form(?) kit of this aircraft. If you like A/H aircraft as a few of us do, then this is excellent news. My other top bargains were the Dragon spad in the stars and stripes scheme, bagged, but complete for £3, and two aeroclub RE.8'S in a bag (one started) for a tenner. Cheap, like me! I gave Reuben a fiver just to start him off, as he's only nine and he came back half an hour later with a bagged set of six complete ESCI WWI fighters with decals and instructions. What a bargain hunter! Sadly, all the pics I took of the show look terrible due to incompetent use of a point and shoot camera. No one can fumble a simple task like using a point and shoot camera like me. It's an art. If anyone wants to see them, I'll post a pic of the figures, if I can manage to use the camera competently this time.
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