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Hi, Dave.
       Likewise, it was a real pleasure to meet you. I will be there for both days next year and that will give more time to stick around and talk more, Roo was pulling my arm out of my socket the first couple of hours with his ''I got to see everything NOW!'' impatience, and I have to be honest, that being only my second show in about 10 years after the Yate show, I was rather excited myself. I spotted the Pheon decals sheet you bought and it is very beautiful, the quality of the Pheon sheets is quite spectacularly excellent. Big Congratulations to both you and Steve for your awards. The GWICC display was a stunner, and the way your Staaken dominated the centre of the display set it off beautifully, the number of people who walked past and did the 'double take' at that monster surrounded by the little ( including the 1/48) models was quite amusing to see. I'll be booking the weekend off for next year as soon as I'm back, I am sadly coming to the end of a two week break, so I'll have an easy day just trying out my new airbrush nozzle for the H&S airbrush, and tonight is pop down to the local Avon I.P.M.S. night, for the first time in donkeys years, so I'm having a little rennaissance here. The KUK figures from Peter Plattner are indeed excellent, and now my the next KUK build will be a little diorama, and If you can please post your build impressions of the Blue Max Macchi, Certainly Bud and myself would love to read about the build process, his is winging it's way across the pond now from Colin at Freightdog. It certainly looks the 'biz'.
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I also bought that figure set and very nice they are too. It was good to meet you and I hope you got home OK. I had a good show, met lots of very nice people and came away with a selection of Goodies. Pheon had some new 1/32 scale Jasta 5 sheets which were excellent. Myself and Nigel (Rayner) were both taken by one of these sheets with a single DV option of Ltn Wolf Bavarian adorned machine. These were so new that Rowan didn't yet have all the paperwork for them. I've already started the Blue Max Macchi and hope that it will be finished before Xmas. I also bought a nice print of a Short 184 for my new workshop. What Steve didn't tell you is that he got Bronze for his Bristol Scout and Highly commended for his Link Hoffman. I also got bronze for my OEF Albie.

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Some of you may be interested in hearing about some KUK Lufahrtruppe resin 1/48 figures I picked up at Telford. While talking to Wolfgang Meindl, a top geezer,  who was with the I.P.M.S. Austria contingent, I mentioned how much I have always admired Peter Plattner's models of KUK subjects (in the gallery) Wolfgang then said, ''That's nice, he's over there, let's go and say hi'' It turns out that Peter was manning his own pitch at Telford at which he was selling among other things, boxes of resin KUK pilot figures. I got a box of three standing pilot figures, excellent sculpts and castings, for about £11.50. That is bloody good value for resin figures, and to have KUK pilot figs for all those lovely Eduard Albatros Oef's is great, yes? He had a fantastic model of an Aviatik C.I two seater there, that's the two seat version of the A/H aviatik fighter, and Peter mentioned that his company, Wiener Modellbau Manufactur - www.wmm.at - is going to be producing a new resin and vac form(?) kit of this aircraft. If you like A/H aircraft as a few of us do, then this is excellent news. My other top bargains were the Dragon spad in the stars and stripes scheme, bagged, but complete for £3, and two aeroclub RE.8'S in a bag (one started) for a tenner. Cheap, like me! I gave Reuben a fiver just to start him off, as he's only nine and he came back half an hour later with a bagged set of six complete ESCI WWI fighters with decals and instructions. What a bargain hunter! Sadly, all the pics I took of the show look terrible due to incompetent use of a point and shoot camera. No one can fumble a simple task like using a point and shoot camera like me. It's an art. If anyone wants to see them, I'll post a pic of the figures, if I can manage to use the camera competently this time.

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