[WWI] Aeroclub pup was Irony

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I'd love to see photos of the Pup.  Did Rowen have anything new at the show?  Like 1/48 Brisfits , perhaps? 



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I ended up buying one of the Aeroclub Pups and 2 of Pheon Models sheets. If people are interested in photos of the Pup they can be arranged. 

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Sorry, Neil, I don't have a clue, but that's why Steve is so bloody good, 'cause he does. 

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Nick, Did you see that impressive HP0/400?  Any idea who built it? Scale? /Neil 

  Bud,     I never found Karaya , we only had one day up there, but I did meet and speak to John Adams from Aeroclub . The Pup is out, on sale and looking lovely. I have an Aeroclub catalogue here with contact details, phone e-mail etc. Give me a shout off list if you want it, and I'll send the info to you. I bought the new Blue Max Macchi among many other goodies and it looks 'lush' even got the Datafile thrown in for a fiver. Also got some lovely figures 1/48 resin A/H pilots at a great price I'll send another post in with more info for those who may be Intersted , along with a summary of the day. A top day with Steve Cox, and Janet and Dave Hooper whose Staaken was well Staaked !!! The GWICC stand done us proud and I hope Steve will send a pic or two or ten in soon? As far as Karaya's Martinsyde Elephant goes, if it's as gorgeous as the  Halbie Cl.IV it'll be superb. This is going to be injection not resin, yes? Have a good 'un 
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