[WWI] HP 0/400 was Aeroclub pup was Irony

Helen and Chris 2kermavio at orange.fr
Tue Nov 16 16:01:45 EST 2010

Re: [WWI] HP 0/400  was  Aeroclub pup was IronySteve said

There's a huge selection of pictures at http://ipmsnl.netfirms.com/shows/telford-2010/smw-2010-a.htm

It's lucky I'm typing this response as there is no way I could verbalise one - my jaw is still on the deck!!

Although there is an awful lot of ot stuff, the most amazing thing to me is the standard.  It's just simply incredible.  I'm sure some of those things were real - just been shoved in the washing machine at too high a temperature.

Good to see "our" table towards the bottom of page 5.  Thanks for that, Steve, and thanks for posting.  I'm looking forward to seeing your pics.


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